How do emergency psychiatric services work?

Our emergency psychiatric services and mobile crisis team are available 24/7, 365 days per year. We see people in their homes, schools, day care centers or other safe locations. We cover all of north­eastern Massachusetts. Our service area extends north of Lynn and west to and including greater Lowell (see our towns and catchment areas on the right). We serve anyone who lives or is in those areas.

Watch the video on the right to learn how emergency psychiatric services can work for you.

If you live outside of this geographic area, call the toll-free, statewide number: 877.382.1609.

Community Crisis Stabilization Program (CCS) for adults (18+) (Lowell, Salem and Lawrence)

This is a six-bed program for adults (18+) who have MassHealth, Medicare or are uninsured. CCS is a supportive alternative to hospitalization. After admission, people generally stay for 3–5 days. In order to be admitted to the CCS, you must be evaluated by the crisis team.

Crisis Team

The team provides emergency psychiatric assessments and suppportive services in a variety of settings, including homes, schools, outpatient clinics and hospitals. The team also provides ongoing crisis counseling services until the client can be connected to ongoing providers. Open 7 days/week.

Mobile Crisis Intervention (MassHealth children and adolescents (under 21 years old)

The 24/7 Mobile Crisis Team works with youth and their families with serious emotional disturbances, plus up to seven days of ongoing crisis counseling, support and stabilization.