Our caring, expert staff members work with children, teens and their families who have emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges. Check the list of our programs here, or feel free to call our agency to find out which program is suitable for your child or teen.

Note: To read or download our program brochures, you will need Acrobat Reader on your computer. Just click on the green link to open a brochure in a new window. You can quickly download your free copy of Acrobat Reader here.

The Youth Services division of Lahey Health Behavioral Services (LHBS) shall provide and promote healthy eating habits driven by menu planning and school curriculum. To ensure that the programs follow program policies and procedures and comply with:

the Act Menus will be prepared and/or reviewed by a person who has had training in the nutritional needs of children and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requirement for a nutritionally adequate diet.

CSA Cape Ann – Serves families in 12 towns and cities on the North Shore – 978.922.0025
En Español.
Print, complete and send our intake/​referral form.

CSA Haverhill – Serves families in 13 towns and cities in the lower Merrimack Valley – 978.374.0414. Print, complete and send our intake/​referral form.

Emergency Psychiatric Services – Our mobile crisis team can see adults and families in their homes, at schools, in outpatient clinics or at your local hospital. 24/7 services. From our Salem, Lawrence, Lowell and Haverhill, sites, we serve anyone who is within these areas and the surrounding towns. Or call 1.866.523.1216.

Download a brochure:

In English – Haverhill
In English – Lawrence
In English – Lowell
En Español – Lawrence
In English – Lowell
En Español – Lowell
In Khmer – Lowell

Individual and Family Flexible Support Services – Offers individual youth support, family systems intervention, and youth support groups through collaboration with the Mass. Department of Mental Health. For more information contact: 978.921.1190 ×.561. If completing a consent form, please feel free to read over our IFFSS Orientation Packet.

In Home Therapy – A short-term, intensive service that works with youth and their families to stabilize crisis situations. Includes intensive family therapy, care coordination, and telephone crisis response. Print, complete and send our Intake/​referral form (Word doc).

North Shore/Cape Ann: 978.998.3680
Haverhill/Merrimack Valley: 978.373.3086, ext. 208

Therapeutic Mentoring – A one-on-one service for youth with significant behavioral, emotional and mental health needs. Youth work on specific skills with the support of specially-trained mentors. Please complete and send our intake/​referral form.

Cape Ann: 978.998.3680
Lawrence/Lowell: 978.620.1795
Haverhill: 978.373.3086, ex. 202

Student Assistance Program – A school-based program that provides support and intervention services to students who experience academic, social or behavioral challenges. Currently serves eight public schools on the North Shore. 978.968.1700. Funded primarily by the North Shore United Way.

Worried that a young person in your life is struggling with substance use? Contact Team Fourteen via our website or call 978.867.7137.