March is National Social Work Month, so we decided to profile many of our gifted and hard-working social workers. We asked them three questions about the profession and their work here at Lahey Health Behavioral Services.

  • For National Social Work Month: Three Questions with President Hilary Jacobs

    We started our "3 Questions" profile of social workers with our agency president, Hilary Jacobs, LICSW, LADCI.

    Appointed as president in fall 2017, Hilary has previously served as the Vice President of Addiction Treatment and Youth Residential Services here at Lahey Health Behavioral Services.  Hilary holds a Master of Social Work from Boston Unviersity Graduate School of Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Bates College.

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  • 3 Questions with Stephanie Bartlett, LICSW, In Home Therapy

    1. Was socal work your first career choice and what attracted you to the field?

    I always say that social work found me, not the other way around. I was a sociology major at my undergrad. However, as I started plugging along in my major classes, my adviser let me know that I could add a concentration in social work onto my degree. So, I figured, why not? Once I took those few extra classes, I knew that social work was what I wanted to do. I loved the concept of being able to help people who were struggling and to be able to go to people, advocate for them, and meet them where they were at. I love that social work looks at the individual, but also the surrounding, and how both affect the person. Since then, I never questioned if there was another field I would go into. It has, is, and will always be social work.

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  • 3 Questions with Rhiannon Goshow-Snook, LCSW, Intensive Care Coordinator, In Home Therapy Haverhill

    1. Rhiannon, was social work your first career choice and what attracted you to the field?

    I actually went into college thinking I wanted to do music education. However, when I found out I needed to audition for this, I decided to go into school undecided. I had it in the back of my mind that I wanted a career that would involve helping people; I just didn't know what that career would be. Then I saw an advertisement for a January Term class at my school for Introduction to Social Work and decided to give it a try. We had a field trip every week that involved volunteering at various social service agencies and ever since this, I knew that social work was the career for me.

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  • 3 Questions with Suzanne Emmi, LICSW, Clinical Director, Solstice Day School

    1. Suzanne, was social work your first career choice and what attracted you to the field?

    Yes. My passion for working with people, youth in particular, dates back to my high school years when I worked my way through a local YMCA summer camp program. I worked with a variety of youth from different backgrounds representing cultural, socio-economic and family systems diversity. I was especially drawn to those youngsters challenged by complex family systems and interpersonal and intra-personal stress. These experiences led to a curiosity about human development, family systems and a passion to pursue psychology and ultimately a social work degree.

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  • 3 Questions with Mollie Monaco, LICSW, Internship Training Director

    1. Was social work your first career choice and what attracted you to the field?

    My undergrad degree is in sociology and psychology, with a concentration in social welfare/social work. I was always interested in social justice but it was my first undergrad internship that solidified the next steps I would take. I worked with women and children living in poverty, people struggling with addiction in isolation, HIV+ individuals in need of food and housing, and others who have difficulty accessing care. It was in this internship that I got to see first-hand the dynamic role a social worker holds and really deepened my passion for the field and desire to pursue my MSW.

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